Happy Easter!

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I know it’s not Easter yet, but I’m sending my wishes anyway. This weekend is always busy for us. Our church has a Good Friday service tomorrow during which I will be presenting a monologue. The character I get to play is Pilate’s wife. She is telling him about her dream. It’s a fascinating piece and emotionally demanding. Just as I like it! It’s been a busy couple weeks preparing. Saturday Chris, my hubby, and I will be looking for a new van…still. Sunday we’ll celebrate this special weekend with my family. It amazes me each and every year how wonderful our God is!

The other reason for this post is because I just have to share some photos I took last week before the snow hit. The signs of spring are showing everywhere around here. Our tulips are growing, tender crocuses are blooming, and a beautiful purple flower appeared in the garden beside our house. If you know what it is, please tell me! I’ve learned so much about photography since I started scrapbooking and I hope these photos show that.

This one is our daffodils just peeking out of the soil.

Our sweet crocuses now flattened by the late snow.

And the mystery flower. Can you help me identify it?

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    Happy Easter right back at ya! Love the photos.
    I’m looking foward to giving your challenge a try tomorrow.