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It’s been an exhausting day, tons of fun but exhausting! My hubby’s first week of holidays started a day early and we decided to take the kids to the Metro Toronto Zoo. Our friend came along as well. We had a wonderful day. Both Arianna and Nathaniel just loved seeing all the animals, playing in the splash pad and eating ice cream and Beavertails, a special day needs special treats, after all. If you don’t know what Beavertails are think Dominos Cinnastix, but made with pastry. Yum!
Arianna’s favourite part of the day was looking at all the animals, mine was taking photos of the animals. Unfortunately they’re still on the camera so I can’t post any, but the fact that I wanted to post made me think about other photos I had wanted to post, so here they are.

These were all taken at my parents’ house, in Mom’s garden. Mom has always had all sorts of plants in the livingroom window. In fact she has so many that she puts some away when we visit so that there’s room for the kids to play. I’m in awe of her green thumb. I have a few plants, but they need to be hard to kill or I might do just that. So I just have fun taking photos of my mom’s beautiful garden.

I have no idea what kind of plant this is, but the leaves are so neat!

Beautiful lavender.

Lupins, is that the right spelling? I discovered that these are my mom’s favourite flowers, not gerbera daisies like me, as I thought.

And now my all-time favourite flower, the friendly daisy! I know I just said gerberas were my favourite; I love any kind of daisy, but these ones are a head above the others.

This next one is my favourite photo of all the ones I took that afternoon. It’s now my computer’s desktop wallpaper. Looking at it just makes me smile.

I hope these make you smile, too.

Happy Creating!

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    Thanks for sharing your wonderful flower photos. That last one makes me smile too. 🙂 And that first plant, I think I have some of that but don’t know the name of it either. It is a very hardy plant and I took my first pieces of it from my grandmother’s house – it separates and multiples well. I really need to ask her the name of the plant.

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    Beautiful pictures! I got your card btw!! I love it!! I will post it on my blog soon! Thank you so much!!

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    That first one, the green plant, my sister-in-law calls them frog bellies. You can take the leaf (I’ve done this and the kids think it is sooo cool) and very carefully smush it in the center, then open up the end that was attached to the plant and blow into it gently and it blows up… and looks like a frog belly!! It’s so cool.