What a fabulous day…mostly.

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I took my two kiddos to the Peterborough Zoo today. We went with some of our Blast friends. Blast is the name of the play group we’ve been going to since Arianna was a baby. It’s great fun and hosted at our church every week. If you’re in the Oshawa area, and are interested in going to the park with us next week. Let me know!
It was a bit of a crazy day. Nathaniel decided to be a bit ornery and very determined a couple of times, throwing a few fits while we waited to take a train ride and during lunch. But I loved taking photos of my daughter with her friend, Emilee-Jayne. She says they’re best friends. It makes me smile, my daughter’s first real friend!

What made the day even more fabulous, despite my dear son’s tantrums, was that the new Autumn/Winter Idea Books had arrived on my doorstep while I was gone! I’ve pored over it and boy does it have some amazing new products! I’ll be letting you in on some over this next month. If you want a copy of this new book when September rolls around, be sure to let me know.

On to August’s challenge. Are you ready for it?
I challenge you to make a card with a card base and stamped images only, no additional paper. If you’re a scrapbooker, only stamps and your photos. That would be amazing to see! Maybe I can do both. Can you do it? To sweeten it this time, I’ll be awarding prizes for both a card and a layout! Make sure you leave a comment with a link to a photo of your project. I’ll post an example for you in the next day or two.

Happy Creating!

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    The wheels are already turning in my head with an idea. I’ll wait to see your example before I begin with my “idea.” Can we use an edge punch?

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    Grace C.

    Krista-I heard about your challenge from Sarah and I thought it was so interesting that I had to give it a try. It was fun, but it certainly was a challenge:)

    You can find the cards I made here

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