Snuggles With My Favourite Boy

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I’m sure you all have wonderful and specific memories of each of your children, or friends, or other family members.  I’m going to share one of mine.  It’s not just a memory since it still happens, almost every day, but it was important enough for me to make sure to capture it.  It is something I will remember forever about me and my favourite boy.  (I can say “favourite” since he’s my only son.)

Every nap time that I am home for, which is pretty much every one, Nathaniel and I snuggle in the rocking chair.  He must have his soother, receiving blanket, and be wrapped in a cozy quilt or blanket.  Then we rock and I sing to him, usually Away in a Manger, but today he wanted Jesus Loves Me.  He often falls asleep as I sing, although that seems to be changing a bit lately.  It is one of my favourite times of the day and I miss it when I’m not home for it.  It only really happens at nap time.  Bed time snuggles are different.  I had to create a layout because this is such a special time for me and my boy.

I love this new paper pack.  It is Twitterpated, of course.  The stamp set and layout are all from the workshop kit, which I can still order for you if you’re interested.  The title has been stamped with Chocolate Alpha small.  The chipboard buttons are from our new Dimensional Elements in Colour: Organic.  I also used some Natural Hemp.  The ribbon you see, Chocolate Ribbon Rounds, also comes in the kit, but you can purchase it separately.  There’s Liquid Glass on all the little chocolate dots on the sorbet paper and brads, from our new Basic collection, in lots of places.  Here are some more photos, of each page and then some close-ups of the details. 

You’ve probably noticed that not all my photos are in colour.  I decided to down play the colours so that they wouldn’t be too overwhelming.  I wanted to leave one in colour so settled on the small photo on the right page.  The rest are in sepia to give that warm feeling, although in these photos they look closer to black and white.
So does this layout make you want to snuggle under a warm quilt with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and a book?  It makes me want to give my sweetie a big hug, and since he’s just waking up from his nap, I’m going to do just that.
As we celebrated Thanksgiving this weekend, I am reminded again how grateful I am for my kids.  Now I’m off to give those hugs.

Happy Creating!

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    It is beautiful Krista! I love what you did with the photos. It totally conveys the special time you mean’t it to! What a treasure.

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