New Artwork is Coming!

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I know I haven’t been doing a good job lately with posting.  Life and family have taken over these past couple weeks.  Here at home we are just getting over a lovely stomach bug.  We’ve almost all gotten it and I’m praying my hubby doesn’t.  I decided to take a break from all the cleaning (I am determined to knock that bug right out of here!) to update you on something and let you know I’m still around.

My crop on January 9 went extremely well!  We had 21 ladies come, for all day or part of the day, to scrapbook and raise money for the medications my husband and I will be distributing in El Salvador when we go on the 13th of February.  We raised a grand total of $638!  Well beyond my goal of $500.  And I succeeded in raising more money than my husband.  Hee hee!

If you didn’t make it this year, don’t worry, I’ll be putting this event on again.  I might even make it a twice-a-year thing.  We’ll see.
As the title says, I will be posting new artwork soon, after I’m sure we’re all healthy and things are a bit more stable around here.  I promise, it’s coming!
In the meantime, Happy Creating!