5 Amazing things about CTMH!

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I am on a high, yup, I admit it, a total high!  Nope, haven’t taken or done anything that you would find shocking.  I am just still riding high from Convention.  It was my first one, so maybe that’s why.
It took 13 and a half hours of traveling for me and my roomies to finally get to Washington, DC.  I had a wonderful Leadership Day and then 3 more fun-filled days.  I have not experienced so much fun, training, support and excitement in one event before.
I promised you 5 things that are amazing about CTMH, so here they are:

  1. Our corporate leadership really listens to us.  I see the result of that in pretty much every change, every new program announcement and even in what is still coming.
  2. Our founder, Jeanette, really cares about us as consultants.  It came out in the way she was still taking pictures with everyone even though she told us she’s battling vertigo right now and is very tired.  (No I didn’t get a picture; the line was too long and I had to leave early in the morning.) 
  3. We are innovative.  You should see the new 12″ Flip Flaps!
  4. Studio J is even better with photo editing and lots more, and we heard that Jeanette has ideas for 10 years!
  5. We have 8 new colours!                 
  6. And because I can’t just stop at 5: my fellow consultants are so wonderful, freely sharing ideas and inspiration.  They welcomed me in to their groups without hesitation.  I never felt like I would have no one to sit with.  Thank you, especially, to Melissa Laverty who has helped me so much through email and her blog and was so excited to meet me, just as much as I was to meet her! 
There are so many more reasons that I love CTMH, but I really don’t have time right now.  Wouldn’t you want to be a part of this?  Email or call me to find out more.
For now,
Happy Creating!

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    Melissa Laverty

    It was just amazing wasn’t it. Not sure if I’m ever going to come down from that high. Thank you so much for introducing yourself to me. I could barely focus on anything, so I really appreciated it. I have an email in the works to you too! Thanks for the pic!

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    Carol Labuski

    Convention was awesome, wasn’t it? It was my first, too! I wish I could have met you along with a lot of others I know thru blogs and the boards. Just not enough time to fit it in.