Studio J: Photo Editing is Fabulous!

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It’s Day Three of our time diving in to Studio J.  I don’t know about you, but I have photo editing software on my computer and I love using it, making my photos look so much better.  But if you don’t have that option, just upload your photos as they are to Studio J.  Click on the editing icon that shows up when you move your mouse over the photo and you can make your photos shine even better.  The editing section has all the basics, from red-eye to colour saturation to blemish removal.  Then after you’ve chosen your paper kit and pattern, and you start dropping your photos into your layout, you can zoom in or change the filters to black and white or sepia.  I used the cropping option a lot on this next layout. (Again, some faces are blurred.)

This paper kit, called Expedition, is one I have never owned, and I’ll now have a layout made with it!  I had a lot of photos that were taken farther away from the subjects, so as I dropped each photo into a well, I zoomed in.  I prefer to do this kind of thing right in Studio J because then I know the photo will be cropped perfectly to fit the size and shape of the photo well I choose to put it in.  The other thing I did in the layout was to change a photo well to a text spot and vice versa.  The journaling was supposed to go in the bottom right spot, but I really wanted that photo, with all our Blast friends, to go there.  A simple click on those two spots and that’s done.  Love that, too!
This kit is perfect for all those zoo photos, that I’m sure so many of you have.  What is it about the zoo that makes us take so many photos?  I always have way more than I can ever use!  These were all taken at the Peterborough Zoo.  It’s my favourite, even though it’s not very big.  It’s the only free zoo left in Canada.  It has a fabulous playground, great animals and a fun little train that only costs $1 to ride.  It’s also the place of some of my favourite childhood memories.
What is your favourite zoo?  Where do you love to go with your kids or grandkids?  Leave a comment and let us know!  Then head on over to my website to create a layout about your latest trip to the zoo.
Happy Creating!