Guatemala, Day Two a Success as Well

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Despite my hopes, the internet was down again last night.  That’s just how things are here in Central America.
Day two of our clinics was a fairly smooth day.  We saw 837 patients go through medical, pharmacy and most through distribution.  It was pretty steady all day in the pharmacy and we were kept hopping.
One story I read on a registration sheet brought me to tears.  It simply said, “had a c-section two months ago, baby died in 5 days”.  I knew I had to get the rest of the story from Paul, the doctor who saw her.  After dinner last night I asked him.  He said as far as he could tell, she was told she had a kidney infection 6 months ago and it was never treated.  He didn’t know exactly what happened, but there must have been complications for her to need a c-section.  He also didn’t know exactly why the baby died.  But he did tell me that she seemed okay with it, she was handling it well.  I tried to memorize her face.  I don’t want to forget her.
This community was at the foot of a volcano that erupted in May.  We saw the damage, although a lot of the homes had been fixed.  The volcano is still smoking.
Here are a few photos from the beginning of the week: