Guatemala, Enjoying a Day Off

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It’s been an incredible three days so far.  We’ve had long days, working hard.  And today we are relaxing.  Most of our team is at the beach, but Chris and I have done that before and we were tired.  It’s a good day for sleeping in and hanging out in our hotel room, and avoiding a two-hour bus ride, there and back.  And we can take advantage of the working internet.
Yesterday was a fabulous day.  We saw 898 patients in medical.  Dental blasted away their record, seeing 177 patients!  We were hopping in the pharmacy all day, which is exactly how we like it.  Then later we had a very special treat.  We were treated to dinner at the mayor’s house.  This gentleman has a gorgeous property and we had a lovely dinner outside in his front yard.  FTC has done a lot for his community of Palencia, and he was so incredibly appreciative.  It was so nice to have that kind of reaction to our hard work.  But it’s not about all that. It’s about the people who leave with medicines that will make their life easier or clean teeth for the first time in their lives.  It’s about the adorable children who play peek-a-boo with me around their mother’s legs.  It’s about the elderly women who smile back at me with their missing teeth.
Here are a few photos from yesterday:

Local transportation.  Not the kind we took, of course. 

Local shop.  Notice the candy hanging beside the brooms?
Until next time.