Guatemala: Stunning!

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This country was just gorgeous!  I don’t know what your thoughts are on how our world came to be, but I believe that God created it with his words.  Driving through this country made me think that God really had some fun in Guatemala.  He took His great fingers and pulled up the earth here, molded it there, and pushed down deep with the heel of His hand in that place.  And all the while, He was thinking about how we humans would work with what He’d done.
Here are a couple photos I took:

This one was taken from our hotel window.

This is Antigua.
The next couple photos I found online.  I tried so hard to get a photo of the mountains and valleys as we drove up the volcano on two of our days, but I always missed the view or the photos were blurry.  The buses never stopped for photo-ops.
This photo is exactly what we saw on our drives.  Imagine that the road is just leveling out after a steep descent.

I also took some fun photos in Antigua, along with a few more of that amazing cross.  Antigua is a historical site, so the people who live there are not allowed to build anything over the ruins there.  They’re beautiful!

Yes, that is the peak of the volcano above the cloud.

Guatemala is truly a beautiful country and I feel so blessed to have been able to work there, helping their people.  God is giving me His eyes and heart for the people of Central America.  My thoughts and feelings stayed in Guatemala for a number of days after we got back home.  It was hard to get back into the swing of daily life here, when all I could think about was their stories and faces.  My heart breaks for the pain and loss they experience and the hardships they deal with on a daily basis.  I pray, as we prepare to go back to El Salvador in March, that God will continue to show me His people through His eyes and with His heart.  I know it breaks, too, when He sees what His beloved creations go through, in Central America, in North America and all over the globe.  May Jesus’ love heal wounds, restore relationships, and bring peace all around the world.
Okay, I’d better stop.  I’m tearing up again!
Blessings to you, my blog readers and Happy Creating!

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    I LOVE the photos….especially the one with the cross and the blue sky in the background!! makes me want to make that image into a card!!!