CTMH: Oh, Our Ink!

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Today is going to be a short one, my last post in this fun “Freebie Week”, as I have dubbed it.  Still not sure what that means?  You’ve got until midnight tonight to ask and find out.

I love our stamp pad design.  Did you know that in order to keep your stamp pad surface juicy, you should store the ink pad upside down?  Well, CTMH has solved that by putting the ink pad in the lid!  Fabulous and innovative.

I love that the stamp pad opens up and flips inside itself.  I know some people have a tough time opening and closing the stamp pad.  I discovered a neat little trick that another consultant shared with me.  Slide your thumb nail in the little opening as you open the stamp pad to help it pop open.

Would you like to hear what else I love about CTMH’s stamp pad?  I love that it’s raised higher than the base it sits in.  It makes it easy to stamp with big stamps (no lines), edge distress, and even do this neat criss-cross technique that I wish I had time to show you.

What about the actual ink, you ask?  Well, except for a few, they are all water-based, dry super quick, and match all the rest of our products in the 60-colour palette.  It’s pure perfection.

But, of course, you already love the Close To My Heart stamp pad, so that means you’re going to love emailing me to tell me that stamp pad is the key word for today.  You might just benefit from that…

Thanks for joining me on this fun week.  I hope you’ve learned something and gotten something you can take away with you.

I’ll be back with more artwork next time.  Happy Creating!