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I can hardly believe it.  Today my son turns 4!

This sweet little baby, only a day old, has grown up into this silly little boy, oh, pardon me, big boy.

He’s such a character!  Full of personality and silliness.  He loves to make silly noises and he is incredibly curious.  He asks questions about everything and has to look at new things from every angle.  He absolutely adores anything to do with machines, particularly Mighty Machines and emergency vehicles and really knows his dinosaurs.

He’s all these silly things, but he loves to pretend he’s a baby, complete with sounds.  He still loves to cuddle with me and give hugs.  When he starts telling a story, he really gets into it.  He is a challenge sometimes, with a determined spirit that really hates when he doesn’t get his own way.  He’s still adjusting to the rules in his Kindergarten class, but he’ll get there.  God created him as a true boy, rough and tumble, climbing, playing, running sort of boy.  I can only imagine what God has planned for Nathaniel. 
Happy Birthday, my favourite silly boy!

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