El Salvador: Day One and Two

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** I just realized that this post never went up on the blog! That’s Central American internet for you. Sorry about that!**

It’s been a very busy two days. It’s pretty late here so I’m going to keep it short. I’m exhausted!

On Monday we went to a community about an hours drive from San Salvador. It was pretty much what we are used to, although less children than we expected. We left the hotel a lot later than we expected as well. There was a mix up with the buses and they arrived an hour and a half late, which meant we got a late start. Because we don’t have as big a truck this year, all the pharmacy meds arrive the same time we do which means we have a lot more set up to do before we can get going. Despite all that, as well as working out the logistics that come with our first day, we still saw 759 people in medical and dental helped about 140. God is good!
It was very hot in our room and there were a number of times that I was really lacking energy. The thought actually crossed my mind, Can I make it this week? I would so appreciate your thoughts and prayers for stamina and lots of energy.
Today was different. We headed out to the same area, but turned up a road and climbed a mountain for a bit. That brought a much needed reprieve from the heat. We had some communities from farther away bussed in. We saw 876 in medical and 150 or so in dental, which brought us over 1000 people today!
While here, we are partnering with an organization called Operation Blessing. They are supported by the 700 Club. People who work with them have been helping us all week. Tonight they treated us to dinner. But not just any dinner, we drove for an hour, straight up the volcano we can see from our hotel! It was cold. But it was gorgeous. We could see the sprawling city of San Salvador laid out in front of us. What a treat!
Now, I’m ready to curl up and fall fast asleep. Tomorrow we are heading down to the beach area, to an orphanage called Remar. It’s going to be a LOT hotter!

Thank you for your support, thoughts and prayers. Following are photos of our two “farmacia” rooms and the view from tonight’s supper.