El Salvador: We Are Ready, I Think …

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It’s 5:50 am in El Salvador as I write this. There’s an hour difference and my body has definitely not adjusted yet. It’s one of those times that I know I need as much sleep as possible; it’s going to be a very busy day. Oh we’ll, that gives me a chance to write an update before we head out to our first clinic day.
I want to warn you that I’m writing these posts on my phone so I’m not sure how the photos will look.
We have already experienced our share of frustrations , even before we left. In preparation, Speroway sent a shipping container here by boat which contained a pile of meds and all our children’s vitamins, almost all our distribution items, almost all the instruction sheets for the medication and a lot of other things it was held up in customs for a month! They finally released it on Friday at about 2pm. The truck, our friend, Julio from Guatemala drove here, was held at the border for two days. It held left over drugs from our last trip, all the dental equipment and probably more. It cleared late Friday.
So when we arrived, we still had to go to the warehouse to get all our stuff, then sort it and get it all ready for five clinic days. We worked very hard yesterday! But, we are ready.
Please pray for us. Pray for protection from the plans Satan may have to thwart us, for our families back home, for the people we will see today.
Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. It’s going to be a great week, with God working in mighty ways. Check out www.speroway.com/blog for more updates and photos all week long.
Blessings until my next post.

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