Star Smiles in Guatemala

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I’m actually taking some time to post something other than a blog hop!  It seems like I haven’t spent much time with you here and I’m not happy about it.  Life is busy.  I really shouldn’t be doing it right now either, but I wanted to share a project and give you some exciting news!

First, the news.  Some of you probably already know that my husband and I are heading to El Salvador, tomorrow morning actually!  (That’s why I shouldn’t be sitting at my computer.  I’ve got LOTS to do yet!)  It’s time again for us to participate in another Speroway Medical Mission and we’re so happy to be going back to El Salvador.  This will be the fourth time Speroway has worked there and we’ll be going back to at least one site we visit every time.  Interested in learning more about Speroway?  Just click here to go to their website and here to go to the blog, where there will be lots of updates while we’re gone.  Stay tuned to my blog as well.  I’ll try to post photos and stories here, too.

Now, my project.

I made this layout initially for an album contest, but I didn’t get further than this layout!  I tried very hard to stretch myself a bit in the techniques I used.  I was really excited about creating this layout, for a number of reasons.  These are photos I took while we were in Guatemala last year and the year before.  During this last trip, though, something really struck me.  I was there to serve these people, to help them, to give them medicine to make their lives better, but they already had so much resilience!  They endure so many things and if you read my posts during our trip in February, you know about some of them.  This week, this beautiful country was hit with an earthquake.  Thankfully, it wasn’t anywhere near where we have worked or where our dear friends live, but it has affected them none-the-less.  My heart goes out to this wonderful people.  People with an amazing work ethic, infinite patience and gratitude for every little thing.  And on top of all the hardship they face, they still smile.  The kids still play, like our kids do.  They are stars in my book and that’s why I made this layout.  To honour them and to remind myself that I am privileged to be able to serve them.  
Here are some more photos and the details.

 I really wanted a “dirty” sort of look so I peeled off the top layer of all the chipboard pieces and then inked them with different colours.  I pulled the colours out of the photos.  In the above photo you can see the layered Kraft borders.  I used the white side, the side that you should normally peel off.  Instead, I inked it up.

In the above photos you can see the lighter stars right on the paper.  I cut a stencil on my Cricut, from the Art Philosophy cartridge, and used it to sponge stars all over the place. The following photo shows my fun hidden photos.  you pull the tab and the journaling piece disappears while showing off two more photos.

Please keep us in your prayers as we see similar faces in El Salvador.  Pray for our families whom we leave behind.  My little guy seems to be more upset about us leaving this time.  ūüôĀ  And pray for the people we will see next week, but also these sweet faces pictured here.
Thank you for your support and encouragement!  See you from El Salvador.
Happy Creating!