Using up the Old, Quick and Easy and Flat(?)

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I realized recently that I didn’t have many birthday cards in my stash.  I have made some lovely ones, but they were very bulky and would have cost quite a bit to mail and required a special envelope, etc, etc.  So I made a goal for myself: Use up some old product and make “mailable” birthday cards!  Over the next few posts, I’ll share the cards I made with you.  Here are the first ones:

These first two use the retired Miracle paper, Stickese, and Kraft borders.  I’ve also added some Sparkles and some embellishment with a Pearl Pen.

These two are made with Mischief paper, Felt Shapes, Mayberry paper and Stickese, and some more Sparkles.
This last one is from a promotion way back in my first year as a consultant, I think, called Seredipity.  I added a couple Sparkles as well.

It’s fun to add lots of dimension to our cards, with all kinds of layers and rolled flowers and all sorts of other goodies, but sometimes you need to simplify.  I’m quite pleased with how these turned out and they went together very quickly.

Stay tuned for more “mailable” cards.  Happy Creating!