Sprouting Mother’s Day Card

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Welcome to another Mother’s Day project!  This one is super fun and you can even get the kids involved.  If you’re here because you saw me on daytime Durham, an extra special welcome to you.  đź™‚

Here is the project I made with Dena this morning:

The card itself is fairly basic.  Just pick a sketch or design you like and create the front as you like.  Make sure to leave a good spot for the sprouting image.  I’ll list the materials I used for this particular card at the end of the post.  
Here are the instructions for creating the sprouting part of your card:
1. Cut an image from a piece of cardstock.  I used a my Cricut, but you could draw an image and cut it with a craft knife.  You want the negative part of the image to use as a stencil.  Clip it to the cardstock you’ll use for your card. 
2. Take equal parts of flour and sugar.  I used a tablespoon in these photos, but discovered it was way too much for one card.  Just make sure to use equal parts.  Start adding little bits of water, stirring with a paintbrush. 
Your paste should eventually look like the photo below. 
3. Paint your paste onto your cardstock 
4. Remove the stencil and sprinkle your seeds onto the paste, pressing them down as needed.  I used a mixture of all-purpose wild flower seeds.  I looked for ones with a short germinating time and that are planted in a random matter. 
I also found that some seed packages don’t have quite this many seeds.  You can play with it.  Try some herb seeds even!  I’m not a gardener-in-the-know, so I went to Walmart and felt the packages for all sorts of flowers.  I was just looking for small seeds!

So, now I’m sure you’re wondering, how do I get this on my card???  I used clear photo corners, as shown in the photo below:

I also made sure that my embellishments were not attached on top of the sprouting card piece.  
You’ll also want to make sure you decorate underneath so that there’s something pretty to look at when your recipient plants her seeds.  Here’s what I did:

Here are the products I used:

And there you have a beautiful Mother’s Day card that can bring lasting memories and joy.  Stay tuned, I’ll have lots of gardening tips and instructions on how your recipient should plant those seeds in my next post later today.  And details for an exciting giveaway!
Happy Creating!
Small print: Instructions for the sprouting card was taken from Garden Crafts for Children by Dawn Isaac.

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