El Salvador 2013: Day Five, So Rewarding

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As I write this we are driving home from December the 1st, an area previously known as Somalia. If you’ve read my posts from previous years, you have heard about this place before. We hold a clinic here every year. It’s a slum, right in the heart of San Salvador. It was a challenging day because not only are the people the most needy, but we start to run out of medicines. And yet, we are able to brig smiles and love to a community who so desperately needs it. We were able to help 1,019 people in medical today. Those same people, and more, got food, clothing and other items as well. 

Above is a typical home, up together with whatever they can find. They struggle with malnutrition and parasites and lots of others. 

What really gets me each year is just how thankful they are when we come. The community leaders had a couple of plaques made for us and when they gave them to us and thanked us with hugs, there were lots of tears. It’s hard not to feel their emotion and appreciation when you see it smiling out of their eyes. It makes you feel equally grateful to be a part of this mission. 
Thank you, too, my readers, for following me on these experiences each year. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement and constant support. I really do feel it. And thank you for putting up with my departure from crafting. We’ll be back to it in the next post. 🙂
Thank you again!