El Salvador 2013: Day Three, Record Breaking!

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Wednesday was a crazy day, and that’s putting it lightly. We were back in Tepecoyo again. We visited this community last year so it was nice to be back. Pharmacy had a nice big room, with lots of space. 

We worked hard, VERY hard, seeing a record of 1,014 patients in medical and 234 in dental!  There has only been one other day, in all our trips, where we broke 1,000. The best part of this clinic day was that we saw every person who wanted to be seen. Not one was turned away, and that, no matter what the numbers, makes us feel even better. 
Here are a few shots I took at the end of the day. The first are of the school we were in. 
The mayor presented our group with a plaque. 

And when we got home we skyped with our kids. 

Loved seeing their faces … even if they were being a little silly. 

We had a day off today and are looking forward to two more clinic days before flying home. Our team is healthy, which is so great!  Please continue to pray for health, strength and energy. And thank you again for your support and encouragement.