El Salvador 2013: Day Two

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It’s 6:30 in the morning as I write this. I am ready to head down to breakfast. We need to leave a half hour earlier today because traffic is causing us to arrive late at our clinic sites. To be honest, I’m tired, really tired; and I can’t wait for our day of tomorrow. Yesterday was a hard day for me. We had some definite perks, though. Our clinic was held in a place called San Jose Villaneuve. I think I got that right. We were in the mayor’s office instead of a school and Pharmacy lucked out. We got air conditioning!!  It wasn’t as cool as you would have at home, but only because our door was open all day. This was such a treat since we were closer to the shore where it is hotter. No such treats today, as we head to another hot location. It made working so much easier an since I had a spell of not feeling well in the morning, I was incredibly grateful for it. 

We saw 823 patients in medical, a record-breaking 220 in dental, 111 pairs of reading glasses were handed out and there was more food given out after the medics stopped seeing patients!
We also had the opportunity to help a very sick 2-month-old who had a super high fever. Here’s a photo of Chris getting a dose of acetaminophen ready. 

She was so adorable and so sick. She ended up getting an injection of antibiotic and we hope to be able to follow up with her. We’re going to try to get the mayor to find out how she is. 
Anyway, time is short and if better get moving. Thank you for your prayers. We need energy and strength today!

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