El Salvador: Day Four, Another Record Broken!

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I say it every day, but wow, it was quite a day!  We were in a community called Zaragoza. We set up in the mayor’s office again, after having to move out of a very tiny space in the library. Once we got it all worked out, everything went smoothly. We saw a record breaking 1,049 patients in medical and dental did 210, although a lot of their cases were pretty complicated. 

As the doctors started to see patients, they noticed a lot of stress and trouble sleeping. Turns out the gangs run this community. They have enforced a curfew of 7pm and anyone caught outside after that time could get shot!  I can’t imagine living with that kind of fear.  
One of the prescription sheets I received tugged at my heart and made me tear right up. 

It may be hard to see, but this woman’s husband was killed on the job just two months ago. He fell out of a tree. She is now a widow, with a disabled adult child to look after as well as her three-year-old grand daughter. There is no workman’s comp. or any kind of widow’s benefits here. She has no way to make money for her family. These kinds of stories break my heart. I am so grateful we could be here to help her know that someone cares and that Jesus hurts for her as well. We could make her feel better by giving her medication and vitamins. I don’t want to forget her. She is why I am here.