El Slavador 2013: We’re On Our Way … Almost

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It’s time again for another trip with Speroway to El Salvador. I’ll be posting as often as I can so you can share in our experience and see how your support is helping us. 

Right now we’re killing time at a Wendy’s near the airport. Our flight times are flipped compared to our last trips, which is bitter sweet. It means we can spend time with our kids before we leave and they’ll be awake when we get home. But it also means that we won’t be arriving at our hotel until after 10, and we just discovered that our flight is delayed. Sigh. Oh, the joys of air travel. 
I just thought I would share some photos of how we are passing the time. 🙂

I’m going to miss these two. 
Next post from sunny, warm, and precious El Salvador. 

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