New Albums: Get ’em BOGO!

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Don’t you love it when life throws you for a loop?  When something completely unexpected and usually not enjoyable causes your plans to go awry?  That happened to me this weekend.  My blog spam filter decided to act up, on Saturday night when my hubby and I were busy putting together new Ikea furniture for my studio.  Yup, everyone was being blocked, including me!  I was NOT IMPRESSED, but I also didn’t know how to fix it and it was getting too late to deal with it.  I went to bed, hoping I could fall asleep and not fret about it.  I was trying to trust that everything would get worked out.

My hubby is a pretty techy guy and I rely on him to fix things like this.  Unfortunately, he is at a conference, which started Sunday morning.  He’s been gone all day, leaving before I get up and arriving home after the kids are in bed.  I knew he couldn’t do anything about my blog issue.  I really didn’t know how I was going to fix this!

I posted about my issue on my Facebook page, and my dear cousin, whom my equally dear brother tagged, stepped in and rescued me.  She had the problem figured out and fixed before I even left for church!  Thank you so much Janice!  She does great work with WordPress and moving blogs over to self-hosting.  Check her out here.

Anyway, since I had to deal with that issue and playing single parent this week, and then we had a snow day yesterday, I’m off the schedule I’m trying so hard to stick to.  It’s life.  And I will roll with it.  🙂  On to this month’s wonderful promotion.


Close To My Heart now has stunning new albums, in both D-ring and post bound options.  Believe me when I tell you that they are gorgeous!  And an incredible quality.  I’m blown away by them.  And now they’re even better because when you buy one, you’ll get a second for half off!  That’s a savings of $19.  Check it out:




Aren’t they gorgeous?  They are all made of MDF wood, not just thick cardboard.  They’re sturdy and covered in a coated canvas that cleans up easily.  The post bound ones are not meant to expand beyond an inch, but that is to ensure the longevity of the album.  The patterns pictured above are the ones we carry, but you can choose between post bound or D-ring for each design.  We also still carry the previous style Faux Leather albums in Dark Chocolate and Outdoor Denim.

You spend so much time on your layouts.  Don’t you think they need a quality home to live in after you sigh with contentment at the fabulous work you’ve done?  😉

Want to see more?  Pop over to my product website.