She Art: 8×10 Canvas

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A while ago, like way back in February, I attended a Leadership Training weekend with two of my uplines.  It was a great weekend to get the creative juices flowing as well as give me some focus for my business.  During the weekend, we got to try our hand at some She Art.

To be honest, it really intimidated me!  It’s free-flowing, with no boundaries.  It’s all about creating with your heart and using things that draw you and hold meaning for you.  It includes a sentence that starts with “She is ..”  If you want to know more about it, I searched on Pinterest and found LOTS of examples and tutorials.  Click here to take a look.  I created this without a glimpse at all of that.

Here is my She Art:

She Art

I really did enjoy the process much more than I thought I would.  I just started with one of my favourite colours and since I just love sunsets, and tearing paper and ink, that guided me on the background part.  Here are close ups and explanations for the different parts.



She Art 4This is my sentence.  I want to stay focused on gratitude this year and these are some of the important things I’m grateful for.


She Art 1

This is me.  I love pattern and those colours and my boots. 🙂


She Art 2

These three clouds are significant.  My husband, me and our faith in God.  Although they are not strands, like the verse in the Bible, they still represent all three parts of our marriage. “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.”


She Art 3

These flowers represent our kids.  The two that are overlapped are the two kids that we have now.  The pink is Arianna and the green is Nathaniel, overlapped because they are together so much of the time.  The third one represents the child that is yet to join our family, through adoption, almost touching the others because we hope it won’t be much longer.


And all the bling is there just because I love sparkle.  It makes me happy.  🙂


I hope you’ve enjoyed this little sneak into what makes me tick.  And that you’ve been inspired to try your own hand at She Art.  It’s a beautiful process, honest, and not as scary as I thought.  🙂  Happy Creating!


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    I really like this and it is a glimpse of the real you. Great job!