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Did you know that Close To My Heart supports an amazing charity?  Operation Smile is an organization that goes into Third World countries and fixes children’s smiles.  I know you love your kids’ smiles.  We all love to see our kids happy and smiling.  We love taking photos of those smiles and scrapbooking those smiles.  And those smiles also bring ones to our own faces.

Now imagine not ever seeing your child smile, not wanting to take a photo of your child because their smile is missing, physically missing.  That is the reality for many children around the world, who suffer from a cleft palate.  In North America, if a child is born with a cleft palate it’s fixed surgically pretty quickly.  But in many, many countries that surgery is just not possible because of the exceptional cost.  These children deal with ridicule and being ostracized, with difficulty eating and drinking, and sometimes it can even be life threatening.  Operation Smile comes in and in just an hour and $240 later, a child has a new smile.

Operation Smile life changing(Click on the photo to read Ngan’s story or click here if reading in email.)

There are a few ways you can support Operation Smile through Close To My Heart.

  1. When you place your order, round it up to the nearest dollar.  I’ll ask you if you place your order directly through me.
  2. Order the Operation Smile stamp set on the back of the current catalogue.  A portion of the sales will go to Operation Smile.
  3. Attend my 12-Hour Crop Day!  Instead of fundraising for our Speroway trips, I will be sending all the proceeds to Operation Smile.  My next crop is October 24 so mark it on your calendar and plan to attend.
  4. Order a special T-shirt through my product website.  $10USD of each sale will go directly to Operation Smile.

Want to see what those T-shirts look like?

Operation Smile T-shirts

We have both men’s and women’s in lots of sizes.  Just click the photo or click here to go directly to the website page where they are all listed.  These shirts can not be ordered through me, you need to purchase them through my product website.

Help us give more children their smiles.  One surgery costs just $240!  Want to see what happens when Operation Smile visits a country?  Check out the video made by Kate Walsh, Operation Smile representative.

Or click here if you can’t see it.

Contact me to get more information about supporting this great cause.