Scrapbooking Heritage Photos

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My poor blog has been so neglected lately, but I hope to change that.  I’m going to try posting once a week, so stay tuned!

For this week’s post, I wanted to share a layout with you that I just love, and not just because it has a great big “LOVE” on it.  😉

Twin Love layout by Krista Ritskes #simplycreating

I’ve been scrapbooking some of my baby photos.  Sometimes I use the actual photo, but most of the time I scan the original and print it out, placing the original back in my baby book.  I had to do this with most of these photos because they’re glued right in to my book.  This gives me the freedom to do whatever I like with the photos, crop, ink, distress, without being worried about wrecking them.

Back to the page, aren’t those two adorable?  My twin brother and I were two peas in a pod when we were little (still are, to be honest) and we got into all kinds of mischief.  You’d think by looking at these three photos that my mom dressed us alike all the time, but I think we only had 3 matching outfits.  The red one I’m wearing is a little jumper and my own daughter wore it for a little bit.  Of course I created a layout about that ages ago.  🙂

I focused on the Fundamental Basics line to create this layout.  I love the versatility of this line!  Here’s a close up of the details and that coppery title.

Twin love layout detail by Krista Ritskes #simplycreating

Don’t be afraid to use current and fun papers and embellishments for your heritage photos.

Happy Creating!