9 Bright & Fun Cards You Can Make In a Snap

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I know you’re pressed for creative time.  You’re probably thinking “Creative time??? I’m pressed for any kind of time!”  Life is busy, so before I get into all the new products that were just released I wanted to share my latest workshop kit with you.  You love cute cards and you love giving them away but you just don’t have time to create them.  This kit will take you no time at all to put together and you can still claim that you made them.  (heehee)  There is minimal stamping and it’s all been done for you anyway!  All you need to do is glue, pop if you want, and add the sparkles.  Here’s what you can create:

The kit includes all papers pre-cut, card bases and envelopes, a full pack of Some Kinda Wonderful Complements (glitter chipboard and stickers) white twine, and lots of 2 sizes of sparkles.  I have only a few kits left over from my workshop last week and you can snag one!  They’re $35 if you come pick them up.  I can pop one in the mail for you for an additional $8.

Send an etransfer to simplycreating@hotmail.com or contact me to claim one.