Document the School Years with “You’ve Got Class”

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Where I live school is about to start.  In just a week, the kids will be back in school and all the fun “stuff” will start coming home again.  What do you do with all the artwork and papers and photos that come out of each school year?  What if I told you that Close To My Heart has the answer?  

The You’ve Got Class kit has everything you need to create layouts using TrueFit Folios from Kindergarten to Grade 12!  Each Folio, which is essentially a 12×12 file folder, will create the base for 2 grades.  The instructions also show you how to create a divider inside the folio so you can easily separate the 2 grades.  

There are a number of different options for purchasing what you need for this project.  There’s an exclusive paper pack and stamp set.  The project also uses a current stamp set you may already have in your stash.  Just be aware that this special is while supplies last, so don’t wait too long to order or you may lose out!

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I know it seems nearly impossible to scale down all the precious items that come home so that it will all fit in this one pocket.  Here’s how I deal with it.  At the end of the year, we lay everything out so my kids and I can see it all.  We each choose 5 items that we don’t think we could possibly part with, and that number can change depending on how much there is.  Maybe you can each only choose 3.  That way your child has a few items that show what’s been important to them and you also get to keep the ones that touched your heart in a special way.  I have found that discovering what my kids choose opens a window into who they are at the moment and you can even add some journaling about that!

Have fun!  And happy Back to School!